Tips For Writing a Newspaper Article – 4 Effective Tricks to Explode News Copies

1. Talk about recent, hot issues. Instead of talking about the events that happened in the past, focus your attention on recent events that are controversial to the eyes of your target audience. Talk about the drama in politics, the movement in the government, the latest information about war or calamities from across the globe, and the most recent news in the world of entertainment and sports. Giving your readers the kind of stories that they’re looking for is the first step to make your articles successful.

2. Keep it tight. You’re not supposed to fill up one whole page so keep your articles short but very, very tight. You can do this by simply focusing on the most important information and by delivering your facts as straightforward as possible. There is not need to use fillers or fluffs. Also, you don’t need to use lengthy introductions as these can easily annoy your readers.

3. Stick with facts. You cannot afford to resort to blatant lies just to capture the attention of your audience. Remember, good reputation can be everything in this field so make sure that each information you include in your articles are factual. Make time to verify all your data and if needed, back them up with your resources so you can avoid complaints and law suits.

4. Write for your readers. Write your articles using the language of these people. You don’t need to sound like a rocket scientist when you’re targeting students as this will cause confusion. Also, take into consideration their level of comprehension and strive to make your articles easy for them to understand.

Learning To Start A Business Online – It Can Be Done!

Starting a business is kind of scary. There is all of the overhead costs to consider which can get more and more costly as things start mounting up. For every thing that you think of on a Monday morning, three other things will have cropped up the following Thursday. And, it is not just the cost of the business itself, which can be rather high, depending on the type of business you are running, but the cost of operating and locating that business as well. In fact, it is often the cost of the building that the business is located in that is the biggest initial plus biggest recurring expense of all.

However, there is another option that can be considered. A business that is based online eliminates some of these major expenses and can also be much simpler to manage. Learning how to start a business online begins with figuring out what kind of business you will have and what you are suited to.

There are two major types of business online and once you learn how to start a business online, you are able to try your hand at either or once you are more comfortable with your skills, both. These types are service businesses and goods based business. Within both of those categories are a large number of sub-categories to consider.

While you will not have some of the obvious expenses when you learn how to start a business online, you will still have some costs that have to be considered. First things first, you have to build and manage a web site to run your business from. Some people choose to use affiliate programs as their first attempt at internet marketing and those programs can be a great way to learn how to start a business online. You are not actually selling your own goods this way, but the products of another person and earning money by funneling customers to them through links and other information found on your own web site.

You may also decide that you want to learn how to start a business online so that you can sell your own products- things that you make yourself. Different from selling items through auction sites and other types of activities, you will feel like you are really accomplishing something this way. There is something so satisfying about being a business owner.

How to Really Make Money Online in 7 Hot Niches With Hungry Buyers

If you want to learn how to really make money online this article was written for you. There are actually a lot of different ways in which you can begin a home based business, but this article focuses on the seven hottest niches available today. You’ll learn which niches are the best to get into and how to make money by selling products to those niches over and over again.

How can I make money? That’s a valid question and it’s one that’s asked by hundreds-of-thousands of people every day, but very few of those people become successful because they don’t want to put in the time that’s required. There are only a few rules you must follow to create an online income. They’re not very hard to follow or execute, but they do require you to ‘work’.

The first thing you have to learn is that it takes action to become successful. You have to work hard at acquiring leads then send those leads your offer. Almost every training program that offers a make money online opportunity requires you to install an opt-in email form directly on your website.

The email opt-in form is your ticket to create wealth, or at the very least, a decent income which will allow you to quit your current job and begin working from home full-time. The best niches that have been proven to be the most profitable are the following: Dating, Weight Loss, Self-Improvement, Windows Registry Repair, How To Make Money Online, Quit Smoking, Increase Your Gas Mileage

To make money online you have to create a website in any of those niches to reach a highly targeted audience. The seven industries that are mentioned above are the highest paying niches available. They each have a group of people that are willing to spend money on products which will help them solve a problem.

For example, the dating niche is extremely profitable simply because it is human nature for people to want to find a partner to share their life with. If you can create a ‘how to find a girlfriend’ ebook or video, or even a dating website, you will have access to a hungry group of consumers that are ready to buy your products.

The weight loss niche and all the other niches that are mentioned in this article are each money making areas in which you can create a steady stream of income. Each niche has its own challenges, but you can get leads with your email opt-in form. The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost you any money to get started.

You can go to to create a free blog and there are several email marketing companies which will allow you to create and install an email opt-in form on your website for free. also offers free blogs so you have a choice as to which platform you want to use.

What you want to do is give something away for free as an incentive for people to give you their email address. After you’ve collected a few hundred or a few thousand email addresses, you can then send each person on your list a ‘special’ offer at least once a week. That’s how you really make money online. You provide value via a free product then you send ‘special’ offers to people on your list.

Get Tax Lien Properties in Days, Not Years!

The main disadvantage to trying to acquire tax lien properties is the long wait that goes into a tax lien investment before a deed can be obtained. Some states have a redemption period as long as 4 years (the time allowed for the owner to pay off the lien). And, after the redemption period there is often a significant wait time for the deed to actually be issued by the county and a quiet title action performed (this is necessary before you can sell the property with title insurance).

Also, you’ll find that over the course of the redemption period, most tax lien properties will indeed redeem (pay you off), leaving you with a decent interest rate but no properties.

I’m about to show you a way to get tax lien properties now, without doing any bidding, waiting, or investing your own funds to buy tax liens.

Several years ago, while attempting to obtain tax lien properties myself, I noticed that 95% of the properties redeemed, and that using all my available cash I could only purchase 10-20 liens each sale. This meant that I only stood to get on property at the most from the sale. In fact, I never got any properties, all my liens paid off.

At the same time, because there were hundreds of liens sold at the sale, indeed there were a couple dozen properties that were lost each year. The problem was, there was simply no way to know which tax lien properties would go all the way to deed, so you just had to get lucky with whatever liens you purchased.

One day I was going over the final results of a tax lien sale that occurred the year before (there was a one-year redemption period which had just ended), and I was looking at all the lucky buyers that had acquired a property or two. There were actually some nice properties on the list that could have been redeemed for less than $10,000 that were worth over $100,000.

It had been several months since the redemption period ended, and I thought to myself “I wish I had been on this owner’s doorstep right before the redemption period so I could have warned them – I could have at least given them some money for the property so they walked away with something!”.

Then it hit me – why don’t I look at all the tax lien properties from this year’s sale, that could still be redeemed for the next few months, and start approaching all the owners who were about to lose their properties!

I did just that. I looked up which liens had sold the year before, and crossed out all the ones that had paid off in the meantime. This gave me a short list of all the owners who were about to lose their property. The original tax lien properties list before the sale was over 10,000 properties. Of those, about 1100 sold at the sale and by the time I got the list 800 of them had paid off. So I had a prime list of 300 properties to really focus on over the next month.

The results shocked me. Here’s what I found:

  1. Most of the properties were free and clear. I later realized that if a property had a mortgage, it was likely one of the 800 that paid off already because mortgage lenders redeem properties to save their own interest.
  2. Far fewer of the owners were owner-occupants compared to mortgage foreclosures. Of those who did occupy the property, most had been given the property through an inheritance or other means. To this day I’ve never seen someone who spent 30 years paying off a mortgage and then allowed the property to fall victim to unpaid taxes.
  3. Many of the property owners were deceased. I soon learned how to get deeds from the heirs and get instant title to the property. Most states have a “small estates” provision that will allow you to get good title to the property without a long, drawn-out probate. Since almost nobody outside the legal profession knows how to do this, you’ll have a tremendous advantage.
  4. All the properties that “fall through the cracks” end up at a tax sale eventually. Maybe someone was given a property they didn’t want. Maybe someone was sick of paying for repairs and taxes and just gave up being a long-distance landlord. Maybe family members moved into the house and were supposed to pay the taxes but didn’t.

For whatever reason, tax lien properties are the most interesting source of pre-foreclosures you’ll ever find – and the profits can be immense.

Best of all, you can get involved with little risk by either making a token payment for the deed to the property (in the case of someone who tells you they’re letting it go), or by getting the property under contract and flipping to another investor.

Incidentally, investors trying to get their hands on tax lien properties through tax lien auctions are excellent people to assign contracts to – they are proven cash buyers who buy sight unseen, and you can get them a property now with no bidding or waiting, at a bargain price! What could be better?